David Fincher Set to release citizen kane prequel with netflix

After a long-expected wait by David Fincher fans, a recent article by Zach Sharf for IndieWire announces a collaboration between the director and Netflix. This fall, Fincher’s biographical drama “Mank” will be streaming on Netflix and a few select theatres.

“Mank” will follow Hollywood screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz’s as he battles to get “Citizen Kane” produced. Over the years there has been much debate over who wrote Citizen Kane, and why the Oscar the film won for best original screenplay was shared by both Mankiewicz and Welles. The films logline is “1930s Hollywood is re-evaluated through the eyes of scathing social critic and alcoholic screenwriter Herman Maniewica as he races to finish the screenplay of ‘Citizen Kane’ for Orson Welles,” so undoubtedly the film will have something to say on this matter.

Fincher’s dad wrote the screen play before his passing in 2003, making it a perfect project for Fincher to make another debut after six years of absence since he directed “Gone Girl.” The film’s release will coincide with Citizen Kane’s 79th Anniversary.

The producer of “Mank” stated: “It’s an incredible piece. He did a black- and white ‘30s movie. It looks like a 30s movie and feels like one.” For Citizen Kane being such a renowned film, studied by filmmakers all around the world “Mank” has a lot to live up to.

Read Zack Sharf’s full article ‘Mank’ First Look: David Fincher Returns to Filmmaking with ‘Citizen Kane’ Netflix Drama for Indiewire Here


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Photo by Georgia Vagim on Unsplash

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