Robert Pattinson discovers his Inner Demon

 “The Devil All the Time” has been a tremendous success on Netflix, reaching the number one streamed movie list in its first 24 hours. The film stars Robert Pattinson, who portrays a sinister pastor of a small town who sexually abuses young girls. One of the key elements to his character is his distinct southern accent, which differs greatly from the actor’s lower pitched British accent.

In a recent article with IndieWire, Zack Sharf described how Robert Pattinson refused to reveal his wild accent until the first take of shooting. The director of the film (Antonio Campos) is quoted stating: “Id rather have someone come with something weird that’s a choice than something that isn’t thought out.” Pattinson was determined to figure out the right accent on his own and refused dialect coaching frequently. Pattinson hand picked which character he wanted to play and was confident that he could experiment on his own to find the perfect accent. In fact, Pattinson was also the other actor who did not send Campos voice recordings of his accent work.

According to Campos, he had complete trust in Pattinson and knew that he would come onto set with something interesting. One thing for sure, Pattinson has come a long way since his indie film days of Twilight.

Read Zach Sharf’s article for IndiWire “Robert Pattinson Refused to Reveal His Wild ‘Devil All the Time’ Accent Until the First Take” Here


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