ridley scott and joaquin pheonix return as duo for ‘kitbag’

In a recent article for The Hollywood Reporter, Mia Galuppo describes the latest collaboration between Scott and Phoenix. Two decades ago, Ridley Scott and Joaquin Phoenix teamed up for Gladiator. Now there is talk about the two teaming up once again for another historical drama based film.

Wrapping up on their current filmmaking projects, the director/actor duo is in the early development stages for Kitbag. Coming down from the high of winning on Oscar for his performance in Joker, Pheonix just wrapped up starring in A24 Studio’s feature C’mon C’mon, and he is also set to return as Arther Fleck in Joker 2. Kitbag will be written by David Scarpa, and the film will center on the life of Napoleon Bonaparte. 20th Century Fox have signed on to create the film. Phoenix will star in the film, portraying Napoleon Bonaparte himself. As of right now, the film will head into the production stage sometime next year.

Kitbag has been described as being a personal look into the origin on Napoleon, following his ruthless climb to emperor. The film will also focus on Napoleon’s relationship with both his wife, and his genuine love, Josephine. The title for the film comes from an old military saying: “There is a general’s staff hidden in every soldier’s kitbag.”

Read Mia Galuppo’s full article for The Hollywood Reporter Here

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