first look into ryan murpheys film “the prom”

Ryan Murphy’s new film, “The Prom,” just dropped its first trailer. The musical adaptation of the Broadway musical will stream on Netflix on December 11th. “The Proms” production was halted in early March and picked back up in late July. The film stars big named stars such as Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Kerry Washington, James Corden, and many more.

The musical adaptation centers on two actors (Nicole Kidman and James Corden) whose careers have spiraled down-hill. The two hope to gain some positive publicity by traveling to India to help a young teenager. Emma (Jo Ellen Pellman) is not allowed to attend her high school prom with her boyfriend, and the washed-up actors come to help. In exchange for their valiant efforts, they hope to gain positive PR attention.

The Broadway tour of the musical was nominated for six Tony Awards back in 2019. Although it did not win anything, being nominated for six awards is a big feat in the Broadway world.

Ryan Murphey appears to be on a roll with Netflix. Murphey’s series “Hollywood” and “Ratched” both premiered on Netflix earlier this year.

Read Ryan Lattanzio’s full article with IndieWire Here


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